The Different Types Of Impulse Control Disorders Unveiled

types of impulse control disorders

Impulse control disorders are psychiatric conditions that can have negative effects on a person’s life due to social and occupational impairments.

Due to this, one needs to know what are the different types of impulse controls in order to spot them and understand what’s going on with the person.

Here are examples of impulse control disorders.


Pyromania is an impulse control problem of someone who cannot control the urge to set things on fire.

It’s a way to relieve themselves from emotional problems that they might have like anxiety or emotional blockage. There are also symptoms of people who have this to have a sense of arousal when setting fires on.

Pathological Gambling

Pathological Gambling is a behavior that a person habitually repeats which can hugely affect one’s finances, occupation, and can eventually even affect the family.

They will consistently find a method that will try to gain more money from the original amount he/she has lost.

This will become a continuous cycle that will cause the person to sell off their valuable possession as they will always think that they’re going to get their money back from gambling.


Trichotillomania is a disorder that people have where they habitually try to pull hair from parts of their body as a way to release tension and satisfaction. The people who have this type of disorder will eventually lose any concerns for pain.


People who have Kleptomania will have the inability to control the urge to steal things. The reason that they do this isn’t out of necessity but due to how they’re not able to control their urge to steal. 

This disorder can happen when the person feels anxious or frustrated during times when they receive certain amounts of stress. Other people might do it to get the feeling of euphoria after stealing the item.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

This type of disorder is the inability of one’s control to the impulse of lashing out from minor problems that may cause them to trigger. This can cause them to become aggressive and harm anything that’s surrounding them. 

People with this type of disorder will often be filled with rage and anger when they are triggered and will feel exhausted and embarrassed after they start to calm down.

Treatment for these Disorders

Treatment for these types of disorders may be treated with therapy. If the person is committed to being consistent in going to therapy then they will be able to keep their impulses under control. 

Medications will also help calm down the impulses at a certain degree but it’s important that the person must not be dependent on these and must always try to seek out therapy.


Impulse control disorder can have a huge effect on one’s life, this is why it must be treated immediately so that you won’t have anything that may burden you in the long run. If you have any of these disorders then you should go to your doctor to seek treatment.

The Different Types Of Impulse Control Disorders Unveiled
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